Retail Facility makes available the designs of Industrial Facility, some for the first time, and many of which were previously only sold in certain countries. Industrial Facility has become well known for its design of relevant and progressive projects. Its founders, Kim Colin and Sam Hecht are dedicated to the principal that things we use on a daily basis should last a lot longer than a day. The care and attention to detail in each product confirms that design is much more than image. It is about making things simpler and more enjoyable to use so we're happy for them to stick around.

Because we wish to follow Industrial Facility's no-nonsense approach, we've designed the site with the minimum of fuss. Retail Facility has access to their new offerings as and when they come to market, as well as to specials and one-offs, acting as the Industrial Facility’s official sales portal. Gradually more designs will be added to this web shop - feel free to join our mailing list to keep in touch with new developments.

Welcome to Retail Facility!

Terms & Conditions

Our products can be delivered anywhere in the world. All our deliveries are made using Royal Mail standard service withing the UK and by Royal Mail standard airmail for overseas. Postage and packaging are not included in the unit price of each item and will be charged separately on each order with a flat charge of £5.00 per order within the UK and £10.00 worldwide.

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